Thursday, 31 January 2013

What's the project all about?

Initally this sounded simple! Define and outline the aims and objectives of the project. However, when we came to sit down and do this it proved trickier than we had imagined. Placing boundaries around the project to give it the strong base from which it needed to move from was challenging. With some thought this is what we came up with....


·         Cost: $25k
·         8 car parking spaces during normal working hours.
·         Temporary structure for a summer event
·         Construction needs to be complete by 13 June (presentation in 2 weeks!)
·         Provide seating/lounging area
·         Provide shaded area
·         Provide stage or other platform
·         Place to allow public to eat/drink
·         Inviting area for public when structure is fully opened (and closed?)
·          Innovative techniques and modern architecture


·         To give the community a sense of ownership
·         Reflect positively on its history
·         To be a symbol for the city
·         Ensure local sourcing of materials to provide added emplyoment/money for the local area
·         Cater for diverse crowds.
·         To increase shaded/seated area from around 100m2 to 300m2
And in a nutshell....

From a proud and rich past, Flint is a city with a justified sense of abandonment. Our project seeks to bring together the community and inspire them to dream a better future for the area. To do this we will aim to mix inspiration with collaboration to provide a symbol of the strengths of the people of Flint.